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Introduction: Pocket Survival Kit - Leatherman Wave

I am always on the lookout to carry less with me at all times. I have keys, a wallet, a cell phone, a multitool, a folding knife, a pen, a lighter, portable gaming device.... The list goes on and on. I determined that my necessities are my keys, my wallet, my cell phone and my multitool. When I looked at my multitool and its' case, I saw a lot of wasted room. As I added more and more things to the case, it turned into a "survival" case that I would be OK with carrying around all the time since I already carried the Leatherman Wave+case around.

Feel free to post what else you would put in yours in the comments.

Also, I know everyone has to say it once...but this is my first Instructable. What can I do better?

Step 1: What Do I Want to Carry

First, I had to figure out what I wanted to carry around. This is my list.

1. Leatherman Wave
2. Case for Leatherman Wave
3. Lock Picks( tension wrench and two picks)
4. Small Bungie
5. matches + case for matches
6. Pen
7. Flashlight + case for flashlight
8. Zip ties
9. Speaker wire

What else should be in here?

Step 2: Adding Everything In...

The picture does not do this case justice. It is not a simple case with one place to put things. The sides and back of the case are double lined with elastic. Perfect for storing things!

I put the lock picks, small bungee, the speaker wire and the zip ties in between the nylon of the case and the first layer of elastic. It holds the small items in quite well. For added security, I used a little bit of electrical tape to hold the zip ties together along with the lockpicks.

Step 3: Filling the Side Pouches...

The double layer of elastic creates two side pouches on either side of the case. Since we filled the back pocket, I put the Wave in the main compartment to see how much room in the side pockets there are...Plenty enough room for the pen and flashlight.

Step 4: Add the Matches

The last thing to do is to slide the match book plus case into the back pocket along with the lockpicks and zip ties. Make sure the match heads stick up and are not being rubbed. The reason I added a little case for the matches is because the Strike pad on the back of the book kept wearing away without it.

Step 5: Done!

You are done!. Add other things to the case, just make sure to post it in the comments. So far, it has been 4 months of carrying this and I have yet to notice a difference it weight or size. I can still take the Wave out without a problem and can remove the pen or flashlight without opening the Velcro flap. With this setup, I have access to everything(except the bungee and speaker wire) without having to move or take out unnecessary items. In the end I have no complaints although I think I may switch the speaker wire out for some thin rope/twine with length markers on it...The process of carrying more in the same amount of space is never ending.



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    I also use/carry a Letherman Wave. However I carry mine inside a Molle II Flash Bang grenade pouch. In this pouch I have a Light My Fire Fire steel, Leatherman 10 pc bit driver set, iodine/clorine water purification tablets, and a cotton ball with vaseline. I normally always carry a small waterproof puch as well that has a compass, small Bic lighter, cotton balls, 4-5 Tums tablets (I hate heartburn) 40' fishing line w/ 3 hooks and 3 sinkers.

    i think , we must need energy tablets to survive, tool kits only screw out the things ..

    i know you used a keychain flash light, but i found the best fitting and brightest flash light is the maglite solitaire


    Nice work, but I don't will call it as "survival" kit, because you have very few survival things on your kit. It's better call it as "emergency" kit.

    To make it work to survive, take out the speaker wire, the lockpics, zipties and that bungie, and place instead some band-aids, a small roll of duct tape, some medicine, tweezers, water clean tablets, fishing hooks and wire.

    Good Job!

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    Jealousy, iv been watering over the wave for the past week. To bad i only have $50, a dead xbox to replace and concert tickets to pay off.

    i have a mini widgy but it came with a lego rc car..it was made for prying apart the special paices of the car.

    Great use of space! If you put a strip of cork, you could use that to prevent getting hooked, and as a bobber!

    You can put it in your pocket. I usually wear it on my belt but to be more discrete, i put it in my pocket next to my cell phone. The main thing is you are not adding that much bulk to the original case and you are maximizing the space in it. Thanks for the comment!!

    Good idea! Maybe wrap 10 to 20 ft of it in some electrical tape/duct tape to keep it compact. That would easily fit in there. I'll add it to it. Thanks for the Idea