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Poem is a delicate cube that transforms your text messages into colours.

Instagram demo : https://instagram.com/p/7kpxVnwXtB/

Step 1: Material Used

- 1x Edison Module IoT
- 1x Development Board for Arduino
- 1x Base Shield
- 1x BreadBoard
- 4x Led RGB
- 1x PIR Motion Sensor
- 4x Jumpers Wires
- 1x Led red (optionnal)
- 1x sheet of paper A4
- scotch

Step 2: Electronic

1) Put "intel IoT" and "Base shield" on developpment board.
2) Connect "PIR Motion sensor" to A0
3) Connect "Led red" to D5
4) Connect 4x jumpers wires to the breadboard side by side, use a black cable in position 2.
5) Connect black cable to Power 5V
6) Connect 3x cables staying to 7,8,9 output
7) Connect in parallele to 4x LED RGB.

Step 3: Code

FYI, I use Arduino IDE

Download code : http://itwebconsulting.fr/poem.ino

In the code, I connect to a web page called "msg.php" and I use on this page the word "test".

Step 4: Paper Cube

Use the pattern to create the cube and use scotch to close.

Let a side open to put on the LED.

Step 5: Test



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