Poha(flattened Rice) Upma

-Poha upma is another variety of upma for breakfast among many varities of upma.This is popular in india.


-5 cups thick poha(flattened rice)

-3 sliced onions

-3 dry red chillies

-salt as per taste

-one large potato sliced

-one diced carrot

-few curry leaves

- tsp cumin and mustard

-tsp split black gram

Step 1: Tempering

-Take little oil in vessel and add oil to it. when is heated add cumin,mustard seeds.when they splutter add split black gram

Step 2: Add Curry Leaves and Dry Red Chillies

-Next add few curry leaves and dry red chillies and saute for few seconds

Step 3: Add Sliced Onions

-Add chopped onions and a pinch of turmeric and saute until they are cooked

Step 4: Add Diced Potato and Carrots

-Add diced potatoes and carrot and mix everything.close the lid and cook for some time

Step 5: Soak Flattened Rice in Water

-Take 5 cups of flattened rice in bowl and add water it. soak poha in water for 5 minutes.After 5 minutes poha becomes soft.

Step 6: Add Salt As Per Taste

-Once veggies are cooked add salt as per taste and mix

Step 7: Squeeze Poha

-squeeze water from poha and slowly add little by little after squeezing to the cooked veggies.

Step 8: Mixing

-After adding poha,mix everything so that poha coats entirely with spices and cooked veggies

Step 9: Add Lime Juice

Finally add lime juice and serve hot



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