Poison Ivy Remedy



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Poison ivy is a harmful vine or shrub that often curls around trees or any other object. If there is no supports near, it will often form a bush or shrub. When it comes in contact with skin it will cause irritation to the skin and cause a rash. This rash can be easily healed by this simple remedy.

If you have ever had poison ivy then you probably know how annoying it is. You probably have even bought some kind of lotion or cream to help get rid of it. If you look at the ingredients on most poison ivy creams or lotions almost all of them have jewelweed in them. Jewelweed is known to alleviate the itching of the rash and help it to heal faster. So we will be using jewelweed for this remedy.

First, you must find some jewelweed plants. Search for jewelweed on the internet or look it up in a world book to find some pictures of them. They often grow in wet areas and have a bell shaped flower. Pick roughly twenty-five leaves off the plants.Now take those leaves and boil them in water for several minutes. Then strain the leaves out and throw them away. You should end up with an orange liquid that can be stored for when you get poison ivy.The best way to store it is to freeze it into ice cubes that can be rubbed onto the rash. Another way to store it is to keep it in a container and use a sponge to apply the liquid onto the rash. Although you should keep it refrigerated if this method is used. The results will not be immediate; obviously, but it will speed up the healing process. The rash should dry up after 2 or 3 days, verses 5 to 7 days. I hope that is instructable helps someone out and helps then to live up to their full potential!



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