About: Hello Instructables, and I'm a regular kid in Florida that loves making things and learning about stuff. I've basically play a lot of pokemon and love Star Wars and building stuff for stopmotion lego movies!

One day I was picking up my room and noticed I had a bucket filled with pokemon cards and I never really used them to battle, I've collected them for a couple of years now. And my sister was throwing away her old science fair board so I tried to come up with a new plan for it!

Step 1: Materials :

First, the most important part of this whole instructable is your collection of pokemon cards! Second will be a hobby knife, glue (can be hot glue or just a plain glue stick), any size board depending on your collection size. And if you want, some duct tape for the edges or sparky paint. Also some utensils to measure the length and width of your board.

Step 2: Finding the Best Cards

My collection is HUGE, i have over 200 cards! But, according to my boards size I can only have 80 cards onto it. So I broke my collection into using all my legendary cards and not repeating others like lavitars or meowths. I'm also deciding not to put trainer or supporter cards on it, not even energy cards.

Step 3: Starting to Draw a Little Extra to It!

I was thinking about writing the pokemon logo in it , or putting up gotta catch them all. Instead I'm going to put a pokeball in the middle, nothing special. This is the hardest part because it either can have the cards glued over it, or just leaving a space for you're the extra thing. I obviously can't draw circles, so I tried my best and hopefully the sharpie makes it look better.

Step 4: Finishing Last Touches Till Glueing

I finished coloring the pokeball and started to outline it with a chisel sharpie king size!



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    3 Discussions

    Sand Ninja

    2 years ago

    Very cool idea! I might make something like this for my nephew. He plays Yugioh, but I could just change up a few things.


    4 years ago

    Thanks, I try my best from expiriences


    4 years ago

    Good work kid! Keep turning your ideas into actual products and never get disouraged!!