Pokeball Cupcake




Introduction: Pokeball Cupcake

red fondant
white fondant
black fondant
round cookie cutter slightly larger than your cupcake
royal icing (RI)
sharp knife
cutting board

*if your cupcakes are a bit wonky, level them off with a knife*
Cut out circles in red and white fondant
attach red circle with RI cut white circle in half then attach with RI
cut a strip of black fondant and press out the centre into a circle (attach with RI)
roll a ball of white fondant and press flat attach with RI 

tadaa! gotta eat em all!



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    5 Discussions

    all i can think of to says is..."YES!!!"

    I'm just seeing these now. They are so adorable. If you make them again, please take process shots! I'm new to working with fondant.

    When I saw this i fainted, but then someone used max revive on me. Great job, simple yet awesome....unlike a certain main character protagonist.

    1 reply

    I also used the same effect to make a voltorb cupcake... He used self destruct in my tummy :) x