Pokeball Duct Tape Rose

Introduction: Pokeball Duct Tape Rose

This is a Pokeball Duct Tape Rose. I was inspired from my old childhood game, Pokemon. The first game I ever got was Pokemon Yellow Version, and that was the beginning of a great time when I was a child. As you know, Pokemon is very popular even after 20 years. The Pokeball is an iconic symbol of the whole franchise, second behind Pikachu. In this Instructable, I will be showing you how to make a Duct Tape Pokeball Rose.

Step 1: Materials


Cutting Tool(I used an Xacto Knife) $1 at Staples

Duct Tape(Red, Black, White, and Green) $3.50 each at Wal-Mart

Wooden Dowel (1/8 inch diameter) about $1 at Lowes

You can also use a pencil or pen if you choose in place of the dowel.

Reference picture (Free online)

Total Cost: $16

The first step is to gather your materials. I also had a reference picture as this rose is slightly different from the other ones I have made. I used four colors of duct tape(red, black, white, and green.), which costed me about $3.50 each (US Dollars). In total, just this rose costed me about $14, but I also make other things with duct tape, so I do make a lot back on the things I make. I could make maybe eight roses with the materials I have, and would charge three-seven dollars per rose depending on the design and construction. If you did things this way, you would easily have a profit of over ten dollars.

Step 2: Stem Construction

This is a the simplest part of the rose. I took a 1/8 inch diameter dowel and cut it down to roughly seven inches. You can also use a pencil if you want. The good thing about the 1/8 inch dowel is you can sharpen it in pencil sharpeners and stick it in a garden if you wanted. I took a piece of green duct tape, and cut it at a little more than the length of the stem. I believe the green duct tape's length was seven and a half inches long. The next step is wrapping the tape around the dowel. At the ends is some excess. You can cut off the ends and put a piece of duct tape over them, or how I like to do it, is I cut the ends vertically and fold them inwards. If you use a pencil, have the tape stop at the end of the yellow so the tip is exposed. Then cut and fold over the eraser side. The same goes for if you used a pen. This is how the stem is made.

Step 3: Petals

The petals are quite easy to make. I cut a piece of white duct tape to about two inches. I folded it over twice to create a pointed tip as the petal. I then wrapped the petal around the stem. I made more white pieces and folded them around the stem to create the middle of the Pokeball. After that, I did the same thing with the black duct tape to create the outer layer seen in the Pokeball. I added red and white petals to the rose along with some more black to act as the divider between the colors. For the green pieces on the stem, I made two green petals and wrapped them around the bottom of the rose. Hurray! You made a Pokeball Rose!

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