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The fold up paper game board that came with my Pokémon Cards obviously was not going to last. I decided to make a fabric one that will last a long time and still be portable.

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Step 1: Cut Out Your Pattern

Find a piece of fabric for your game board.

Cut out a Pokéball outline and two card shapes as shown in photo, out of freezer paper.

I used a pen knife on a self healing cutting board, but you could just use scissors too.

Place your pattern shiny side down on your fabric and iron in place.

The iron will bond the paper to the fabric creating a paint proof seal for your stencil.

Step 2: Paint With Fabric Paint

Use "soft" Tulip fabric paint, paint the inside of your Pokéball pattern.

Put your fabric on top of some paper in case the paint soaks through.

Try not to brush paint under the stencil by brushing away from the edge not into it, but for the most part it will be sealed since you ironed it in place.

One half I painted with red paint and one half with white to match the Pokémon ball colors.

Wait for your paint to dry and if you need, paint another layer.. If you are really impatient you can dry your paint with a hair dryer. The heat from the hair dryer helps seal the paint.

Step 3: Peal Off Your Stencil

Once your paint is dry, you can peal off the freezer paper stencil to reveal your Pokémon Ball pattern.

Repeat the process to add an additional four card places below each side of the ball and two to the side to match the paper game board. (This time do the negative space stencil to create the card shape.)

Step 4: Optional Add Back and Binding

If you like to sew or quilt, you can add a larger piece of fabric to the back of your board and use it to make a wrap around roll and pin in place, and sew to create a binding. My back piece was red.

Step 5: Enoy Battling

Use your fabric board to play/battle with your Pokémon cards!



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    Best Answer 2 months ago

    Freezer paper can be found at grocery stores. It's plastic-y on one side and paper on the other. :)


    2 months ago

    What are the dimensions of the fabric?


    9 months ago

    In the picture on Step 4 is the first Trading Card on the red half Skitty? I LOVE Skitty!

    Sorry have not been back for a while. Busy working on a prototype. But.. You can check out my twitter, and my YouTubeChannel They will have the info you need. @robotmakergirl Tech-nic-Allie Speaking


    2 years ago

    Nice! When I get the chance, I'm going to make this. :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks! I sent you a message about something I like, that I think you will LOVE!


    This is really cool. I have been thinking about introducing my kids to the card game. They are crazy for Pokemon Go and I figure they might like this too.

    1 reply