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Introduction: Pokemon Crobat Origami

About: Hi! I'm Wilson, I'm from Indonesia but I'm studying in Australia for now.

I was originally trying to make origami of Sun Dragon Inti from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! 5'Ds. But somehow I form this instead! Crobat is a bat Pokemon, but instead, it has 4 wings. It is on the second generation of Pokemon. In the game, Crobat has both high on speed and attack, makes it hard to defeat especially it has some poisonous attack moves. But eventually, it has much weakness so not mush people using it as main Pokemon.

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Step 1: : Materials

Violet, Purple, or Pink colored paper. I use 24x24 cm paper so it's easier to make. Because the smaller the paper, the harder you fold!

Step 2: : Helpful Creases

This is optional if you want to make it or not. This step show how to make bird-base creases . If you feel don't need these creases you can skip this step.

Okay, now let's start with the white side up. Fold the paper into half, then fold it again to half. Squash-fold one of the side, repeat on the back, and you got a Preliminary Base. You take the tip of it and pull it up- this is called petal fold. Repeat behind. Your model should be like in my picture. Then open up the model.

Step 3: : Starting the Model

Okay, if you skip the previous step, that's doesn't matter anyway. Now fold down 1/4 of the paper, unfold. Repeat this on the other 3 sides. Now fold the paper 1/8 down. The 1/4 fold is for helping this 1/8 fold. Repeat on the other 3 sides, this time don't unfold the model. Pull out each of the corner (see picture). Then squash-fold each corners- just like previous step when you want to make the preliminary base.

Step 4: : the Bird Base

If you do the second step, you can refold the bird base more easier. Okay, if you don't here are the steps. Fold the paper half, then fold it half again. The squash fold both of the sides. Then do the petal fold- pull the tip of the base up, repeat on the back. Then fold down both of them.

Step 5: : Press!

Fold half the left side to the right. In this case, the upper side is "pulled" too. Slowly press it- see picture. Then fold the left side to the right (Now it's become the right side). Fold half of the right side to the left- just like before. Do this on the other sides

Step 6: : Sink It Hard

This is the hard steps. Read my instructions carefully. Pull the 4 corners slowly. When the top of the model is getting flat. Press it slowly while keeping pulling it . Until it shaped a square (look at the picture). Fold up the four sides up. So you can make it stand on the table. Now this is the rough part: you press the square down until it is flat. Don't worry about the back of it. Just press it down.

Step 7: : Make It Diagonal

When you see the back of your model it's like a compass right? So I will use the word North, East, West, South. That will make things easier right? So let's start! First you take the North side. Fold it to half, then fold it to the left- this is called rabbit-ear fold. Then you take the East side. Fold it down half. You don't need to rabbit ear fold it. Now take the West side, rabbit ear fold it to the right. Last, take the South side and rabbit-ear fold it to the right. Crimp-fold all the sides (see picture).

Step 8: : Flap Those Wings!

This is the easy part of this project.

On each tip of the wing you can see a folded layer hidden on it (see picture). Carefully pull out each four of them out to form the wings.

Step 9: : Last Move!

This is another and the last HARD step. But don't worry I'm sure you can do it!

Okay, Push the square from behind. Grip it with your thumb and point finger. This will form a triangle (see picture). Press it -squash-fold ( this model shouldn't be flat it should be curve). Fold back the tip of each sides, this will make it a square but much smaller, Then fold back the two corners so it can be an oval shape. And you're done!

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    8 years ago on Step 3

    i'm a pokemon fan it goes great with my collection.
    thanks for the great instuructions.
    if anyone knows any more instructions for origami pokemon please add the link in ur comment


    10 years ago on Introduction

    this is cool but a little bit tricky..then again im not that good at origami
    your instructions were helpful
    thank you so much for this.