Pokemon Fire Red How to Catch Mew

Introduction: Pokemon Fire Red How to Catch Mew

Pokemon Fire Red, its a great game and has great pokemon but in your Pokedex, there will always be that one spot that you haven't filled in. this spot is Mew one of the most powerful pokemon ever other than Mewtwo whom you have the option to catch. And the only way you can catch mew is by cheating or trading with a friend. Below I will show you the cheat codes for emulators.

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Step 1: The Cheat Code

Open the "Pokemon FireRed" code entry menu. Type "000014D1 000A" on the first line and "1003DAE6 0007" on the second. On the third line, enter "83007CEE 0097." these cheat codes allow you to capture the pokemon Mew.

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