Pokemon Zoom Lens (Windows IP Camera)

Introduction: Pokemon Zoom Lens (Windows IP Camera)

This is a guide to configure a Windows IP camera (a camera that can be viewed on the local network) with a Pokemon inspired aesthetic. We will be using the Zoom Lens as our model. While a possibly infrequently used item in the game, it makes for an appropriate and fun look to house our IP camera.

The sprite was taken from Bulbapedia to be used as a reference (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Zoom_Lens).

Step 1: Gather the Materials

  • Zoom Lens lower part STL
  • Zoom Lens upper part STL
  • Stand for Zoom Lens STL
  • HXSJ S50 webcam
  • Red spray paint
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Masking tape

Step 2: 3D Printing the Zoom Lens and Stand

3D print the two Zoom Lens parts and its stand. The Pokemon Zoom lens is typically a handheld item in the game giving it its gun shape. Hence, it is very front heavy (especially combined with the webcam sitting in the front) and a stand is required for support.

Step 3: Spray Painting Yellow Coat

Apply the yellow spray paint coat first. This involves painting the entire upper part and the two circular extruded pieces at the top and the base (refer to the sprite from Bulbapedia) of the lower part. Apply as many coats of paint as required to ensure the correct yellow colour. Because I painted straight onto white PLA, I only needed two coats before seeing the solid yellow colour.

Step 4: Apply Masking Tape

After leaving the yellow paint to dry for an hour or so (or however long your spray paint recommends), apply masking tape to the extruded circular pieces and the base which we painted yellow previously on the lower part.

Step 5: Spray Painting Red Coat

Finish the paint job by spray painting the entire lower part red. Multiple coats of paint may be required to entirely cover some of the parts that had yellow spray painted. Use light coats of paint leave approximately 20 minutes (or whatever the recommended time is) between coats. This will ensure that the yellow is covered entirely without leaving drips from a heavy coat of paint. After leaving it to dry completely, peel off the masking tape to reveal the yellow parts (as per the Bulbapedia sprite).

Step 6: Assembly

Seat the webcam in the front of the upper part and place it on top of the lower part such that the extrusions from the upper part line up with the holes in the lower part. Then place the stand in front for support.

Step 7: Installing Yawcam

Download and run the Yawcam installer from https://www.yawcam.com/download.php.

Step 8: Configuring Yawcam

Run Yawcam and complete the following steps to configure the webcam and set it up for local network streaming.

  1. Settings -> Device (none) -> Change to -> SD webcam 5160
  2. Enable Stream
  3. Help -> What's my URL?
  4. Click the Stream link under "You and viewers inside your network (behind your router) can see your webcam on these addresses

Step 9: Completion

Now your Pokemon Zoom Lens Windows IP Camera is complete!

By following the Stream link in Step 8, you can view the camera input from any device that is connected to the local network and has a web browser e.g. laptop, cellphone, tablet, etc...

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