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Introduction: Pokemon for Dummies

About: I'm not really 13 I'm 10

Today I will show you about Pokemon and its property!!! XP
I will be sure to include...

- Pokemon cards
- Movies
- Games
- and Instructables!!!

Step 1: What Is Pokemon?

Pokemon can be lots of things there is so many things:
and clothes!

Step 2: Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are every were including stores, my backpack, and even junk boxes.
they include:

- weaknes
- resistance
-retreat cost

if you are asking were can i get the rules and learn how to play this is your site: 

or you can look here:

the card game is a very fun game if you understand it. weather it is collecting or battling it has a place for everyone (even pyromaniacs lol)

the rules are pretty easy to learn. they have got more complicated and changed as the game evolved but they are pretty simple.

1. your deck has to have 60 cards
2. you can only have up to 4 of each pokemon in your deck.
3. you can only have up to 4 of each trainer in your deck (that might have changed)
4. on your turn you can do the following (in this order).
1. pull card
2. play trainer/evolve/attach energy
4. attack (once)
5. you can not evolve a pokemon you just put out
6. you can not attach more then one energy per turn.

thats the basic rules. you can get more in depth in the rule book (comes with each deck)

UPDATE: you can see some of the newest cards at: http//www.pokemon.marriland.com/

Step 3: Pokemon Games

I will give an interduction for all pokemon games:

Red & Blue
These are the games that started it all... Pokemon Red and Blue! Even though they may be the oldest of the Pokemon games, they still are very fun! You can catch, train, and battle 151 different creatures called "Pokémon" (short for "Pocket Monsters", it's japanese name). You go around catching Pokemon, and earning Badges... Gotta Catch 'em All! 

Yellow (picachu edition)
Following the release of Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Yellow is based on the TV show. You start with Pikachu, your Rival starts with Eevee, and you can battle Team Rocket! There's also new Colosseum modes where you can battle your friends. You might find Pokemon in different locations too, along with new moves! You can catch, train, and battle 151 different creatures called "Pokemon" (short for "Pocket Monsters", it's japanese name). You go around catching Pokemon, and earning Badges... Gotta Catch 'em All! 

Gold & Silver
Pokemon Gold and Silver took the big step into much better looking color, and quite long gameplay for a Pokemon game. With 8 badges to collect in the far off land to the west of the original Red, Blue, and Yellow games, Johto. Not to mention the 100 new Pokemon, and new starters that have made icons.


The sequel to Pokemon Gold/Silver, Pokemon Crystal is more than just an improvement like Yellow was to Red/Blue, Pokemon Crystal offers many new things. For the first time ever, you can choose if you want to be a Male or Female Trainer! And all Pokemon have animations when they enter the battle! It has many more surprises in it, like new Trainers, and the Battle Tower, and more mysteries with the Unowns! But other than that, its somewhat like a Yellow (except for Gold/Silver, rather than Red/Blue).

Ruby & Sapphire
Ruby and Sapphire are another pokemon game and it has the same Male or Female Trainer, animations,  Unowns, Battle Tower. Not very exiting. :I

Step 4: Cool Insructables.

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    Phoenix Flare
    Phoenix Flare

    4 years ago

    Great instructable. Can you maybe add the new Pokemon games?


    6 years ago

    You spelled Pika wrong in the thumbnail. Everyone knows it's spelled pika.


    you spelled suicune wrong... and mr."???"'s real name is "Kyogre"(Kai-oh-gur).