Poker Tower




Introduction: Poker Tower

You know third times when your setting around the card table with a bunch of poker chips all scattered everywhere and want to look good well then build a tower.

Step 1: Gather Materials chips. (Lots)
2. Patience

Step 2: Start

The key is to stay around the center tower so you don't get off balance and to keep the rotation at an even pace.

To start put one chip down.

Step 3: Start Outside

This step is the fun part start putting chips around the outside of the middle chip, I did mine in color coordination that's optional.

Step 4: Next Layer

This time you do the same thing but add a little spin on the tower.

Step 5: Add

Now the time consuming part add more layers in the same spiral pattern as before just keep adding layers

Step 6: Add Extra

Now you can add what ever you want thanks for reading now you need to go play some cards to show off your new skill!



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    That's awesome. Were I ever to accumulate sufficient chips in an actual gambling setting, this would be a spectacular structure to push into the pot while saying "all in."

    1 reply

    They would have some confused faces

    Thanks it's somthin I do when we play cards