Polar Cola Bear!





Introduction: Polar Cola Bear!

clean snow right off the plant is a perfect blank medium.
but muddy dirty snow?! what do you do! 
why, make a bottle icy coke of course

this polar bear sits right across the snow elephant

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    I live in chicago. My neighbor made a huge trump head from the street plow that kept blocking his driveway. his mouth was open screaming & he put his garbage cans in his mouth so garbage could get picked up...I wish I got a pic b4 trumptards ruined it trying 2 run it over with their cars as he put cement blocks and rebar in it*(smart old man) so the card that
    took it out and got totaled their car. snowflake justice

    weirdly enough, i was drinking cola while seeing this, ;> .

    Awesome job with the polar bear, but you totally should've used a real glass bottle of coke! It would've been epic! Or possibly could have printed out a fake coke label proportioned for the bottle, that way it'd really look like an icy bottle of coke!

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    now that i think about it, why not freeze a bottle of coke, crack the bottle away, and just use the frozen coke itself? or better yet, freeze some greenish water so it looks like the glass bottle

    possibilities are endless

    Agreed, especially freezing the coke and then breaking away the glass, it'd be interesting to make a mold of the bottle itself and then freeze coke in the mold, it'd make for an interesting effect

    Love the polar bear. The Polar Cola company is in Worcester Ma. When driving on 290 we always see a Polar Cola balloon bear. Yours BEARS and amazing resemblance. :). Great job.

    In Florida at the Gaylord Palms they have a fantastic exhibition called ICE.
    Check it out.


    best EVER, you look like a chinese seller,
    are you?
    what do u sell? can a sell me a piece?
    i like u alot, since the sow contest 1 u've been my favorite.
    thanks for your number. i wish i can see u again