Polar Adventure Cupcakes




Introduction: Polar Adventure Cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for a winter or polar themed party! 

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Ingredients

First of all this is what you will need:
-5 cupcakes (of any variety, mine were chocolate "crazy cake" cupcakes)
-1 batch or jar of white frosting 
-a small  amount of white fondant (there are lots of great recipes on pinterest for homemade fondant)
-food coloring 
-1 toothpick
-blue sugar sprinkles (I didn't have any on hand so i mixed a drop of blue food coloring into a little sugar-works just the same!)

Step 2: The Penguin Snow Slide

For the penguins slide you will need 3 of the 5 cupcakes. 2 for the bases and 1 for cutting into the slide. Start by cutting 1 cupcake in half diagonally, you will use the top half as the big slide section. Cut off the round rough part  so that it is flat on that side. Next cut off the two round edged so that it is slide shaped. Use one of the chunks you set to the side for the other side of the slide (on the other cupcake). In the pictures i set the slide pieces on before frosting, but i soon realized that i should have frosted the cupcakes THEN frost the little slide piece and set it in place...(the slide piece left lots of crumbs that were hard to get off, although if you had white cake it would be fine)  Frost them in white frosting. While the frosting is still sticky sprinkle blue sugar sprinkles around the cupcake. Next you will get out the fondant- take a little of the white and add food coloring for whatever color you want your penguins to be...I happen to like purple penguins :)You will not need very much fondant for these little guys. Also, if you want an orange beaks and feet, you can make orange fondant, you will need barely any fondant at all, probably the size of a quarter... I made 5 penguins. Shape the body parts, wings, and heads all separately. once you have the main shapes you can begin to make your penguins, First take the main body part (white) and shape it into a oval and squish the round flattened purple circle onto one side (the penguins back). Next take the wing pieces and flatten them a little and press them on. then take the head and add a little orange beak out of fondant, and you can also add sprinkle eyes if you want to. Lastly press on the feet. You can position them however you want on the snow slide. I wanted to have one in the air, so i positioned him on half of a toothpick stuck into the cupcake slide.

Step 3: The Seal's Ice Flow

To start this seal cupcake you are going to want to make some of your white frosting blue. I added a couple drop to the white to make it a bright blue, you could add less or more blue food coloring to make it lighter or darker. I used the back of a spoon to spread the frosting on, it sort of has that wave effect. To make the iceberg,  flatten a chunk of white fondant into the desired shape and set it on the cupcake. To make the seal, color a little of the fondant (again you can use whatever color you like..i used purple) And shape it into a big body part (which you will have to shape a tail onto), 2 flippers and a head,  For the big eyes i used a tiny dot of white fondant with a little sprinkle inside of it. I also drew a smile on him using a toothpick... Position the head and flippers onto the body and place him on the iceberg! Later on i sprinkled blue sugar sprinkles on to give it an icy effect.

Step 4: The Polar Bear

For Mr. Polar bear you will need to frost a cupcake white. THen i sprinkled blue sugar sprinkles over it so that there was more of a contrast between him and the "snow". You will only need white fondant this time, I made it into a large body shape, a head, 4 legs and 2 ears. First connect the legs onto the body, the legs pretty much have to be square and pretty fat, or else he will melt into a puddle...  Before you attach his head, add the ears (I put pink sprinkles in to make it cuter) Then add sprinkle eyes and nose. Next you can attach the head. and place him on the cupcake.  Now you're done!

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