Polaroid Lift Method - on 20 Year Old Film Pack!

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I was so glad my expired film pack turned out ok. In fact, I was so delighted I decided to attempt a Polaroid lift. Lift is a method where a hot water is used to remove the paper backing from the exposed and developed Polaroid. The process takes some time but with some help by rolling each corner of the image with your fingers it helps.

IMPORTANT: The lift method works with Polaroid and Fujifilm peel apart such as FP100C.

Step 1: Prepare Your Watercolor Paper

Prepare some paper. I used watercolor paper. Coat the watercolor paper with some Art Potch and wait until it dries.

Step 2: Removing the Image From the Polaroid

While waiting for the picture film to completely remove its self.

  1. Prepare a bowl or tray with hot water - not too hot that you can't work with your fingers!
  2. Wait until the corner start of the image start to come away from the Polaroid backing paper.
  3. Take your time, don't use your fingernails, until the Polaroid film is separated.
  4. Take the Polaroid film and place it on the watercolor paper.
  5. Gently roll the image out. It takes some time to get it right. Once you’re happy with the placement let the paper and image dry before coating again with the Art Potch.

Step 3: Final Results

Once the image is dry you can mount them in some picture. The Polaroid images stretch out a bit and warp too but that's fun of it. Especially with expired Polaroid it's so much fun.

The original post is on my blog http://blog.glyons.at/polaroid-lift-method-on-20-year-old-film-pack/ with more Polaroid articles.



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