The Poles in Holes Puzzle

Introduction: The Poles in Holes Puzzle

Hello instructables community and everyone else reading this instructable.
After a long period of time I am posting an instructable and I hope you like it as my previous instructables.
This instructable is about a puzzle. This Is a completely new puzzle and designed by me.
This puzzle will judge your sense of depth and approximate measurement. In this puzzle, there are 16 holes each with different depths and 16 poles each with a different height. All you have to do is arrange the poles in holes in such a way that each of the pole is at a equal height from the surface of the holes. To solve this puzzle approximately one and half minutes are required. This puzzle is completely made of wood and will test your sense of height and depth. I really hope that you enjoying making and solving the puzzle.

Step 1: The Material You Need

To make this project you require-
- A block of wood of dimensions 10x10x5 cm
- sand paper ( 3M P320 and 80 grit sandpaper)
- drilling machine
-10 mm drill bit
- polishing wax
- stick of wood wastage( to make the poles)

Step 2: The Plan

The plan is
- to make a design with all the dimensions, markings and the depths and height of each hole and pole.
- to make the base
- to sand the base
- to make the poles and sand
- and finally solve the puzzle

Step 3: Blueprints

For the blueprints please refer to the pictures and drawings attached.

Step 4: Making the Base

To make the base first cut a block of wood of dimensions 10x10x5 cm.(fig 4.1)
Then make a 5x5 grid with each of the square with side 2 cm.( as shown in fig.4.2)
Now at each intersecting points of the line i.e. Points ( a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p) using the points as centre make circle of radius 5mm.(fig. 4.3)
After that drill through the point with the following depths as given in fig. 4.4 or you could change as per your requirements.
Now the base is complete.

Step 5: The Sticks ( Poles)

All the poles will be of a height of 3 cm above the surface of the wood. Hence the total lenght of each pole will be 3cm + depth of the hole.
I have made the poles through extra left behind wood, so I had to first shape them and then cut them as per their depths. I have given a slight curve at the bottom of each pole to make it balance.
The lengths of each of the poles as follows (all in cm):-
I- 4.3

Step 6: Sanding

Sand the base and the sticks to make them smooth, first with the help of 80 grit sand paper to remove the roughness and the extra threads of wood.
Then sand with the p320 to give the wood a bit of shine and further polish it with wax polish to give a rich appearence.
And we are done.
Thanks for reading

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2 Discussions

Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

4 years ago

Nice job thinking up your own puzzle :)

Pranav Jhunjhunwala
Pranav Jhunjhunwala

Reply 4 years ago

Thank you very much for considering the originality of the puzzle.

Thank you!