Police Siren

Introduction: Police Siren

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This project uses NE555.


1) I used 12V DC for powering the circuit.

2) Instead of using two NE55 timer ICs, you can also use a single NE556 timer.

3) NE556 is nothing but two NE555 ICs in one package.

4) Refer the datasheets of NE555 and NE556 to have a clear idea.

5) Speaker can be a 64ohm, 500mW one.

*images are for visual description

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. PCB Board
  2. Bread board
  3. 64 ohm speaker
  4. 2 x 68k resistor
  5. 2 x IC1 N555
  6. Some wires
  7. and some more components

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram is embeded with this step.

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