Polish Hens Don't Go Broody, Sez Who? La Poule Padoue, Non Couveuse? Ma Gallina Paduana Clueca

About: I live in a forest garden by the sea in an old Celtic longhouse in the Baie de Mont Saint Michel, France, where we raise quail, rare breed chickens and pigeons organically. I was born in England, the furthes...

Polish hens are out-door types and that is where they make their nests and lay their eggs. Garbo told me and this is her story.

Les poules Padoues aiment être à l'extérieur et c'est là où elles faisent leurs nids et pondent leurs œufs Garbo m'a dit et ceci c'est son histoire

Las gallinas Paduanas encanta estar al aire libre y que es donde hacen sus nidos y ponen sus huevos. Garbo me dije y esta es su historia.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my, I had a hen that looked very similar to these many years ago. they are so pretty. Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!