Polished Rock Pendant Necklace



Introduction: Polished Rock Pendant Necklace

Things you will need...

Polished Stone.  (from the store or a home polisher)..   I got mine from a mining and mineral museum.
24 gauge copper or silver  wire
a cord for your necklace.   ( I used fine twine cause that is all I had

Pliers,  wire cutters, and a lighter for finishing.

Step 1: Wrap the Stones

Cut a length of wire about 8" then......

1.  wrap the wire around the bottom of the stone you are going to use.  then  spin the wire together until it is the length up the back of the stone to the point wire you want the top wire.  then wrap one piece of wire around that part of the stone and loop it into the top of the spun together part in the back.


2.  make a small loop (a little bigger than the bottom part of the stone) in the wire with a length of wire about 1 1/2" on one side.  put the stone into the loop and then tighten the wires up each side of the stone and the spin them  tightly together to hold the stone in place.

Step 2: Make the Eye

take a pen or small smooth round object.  wrap the wire around it once and then spin the wire together to create a closed loop.
use a pair of pliers to get the loop tightly wound and to bend the end bits of the wire into the spun parts.

Step 3: Finally Make the Necklace Cord

I used fine twine cause it is all I had on hand.   cut it to about 18".  run one end through the loop on your pendant and then tie the two ends together,  cut the down very close to the knot and then use a lighter and just brush the knot with the flame to seal the string together.

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