Political Animals: White House Ornament

Introduction: Political Animals: White House Ornament

This instructable contains the STL file and SolidWorks Part and Assembly file for the White House ornament. The STL File has been generated from SolidWorks assembly workbench, following with the STL boolean union in MeshMixer. The enclosed SolidWorks part and assembly files can be used to further modify and customize this ornament. The ornament was designed at Cerritos College Dept of New Products Development, as a part of NPD103 class.

Step 1: Step 1. Upload the File

Open the enclosed STL File.

Step 2: Setup 3D Print of the Stl File With Support Generation, Oriented in an Up-side-up Position

Setup 3D print of the stl file with support generation, oriented in an up-side-up position. The best results will be obtained if you print it on a printer with soluble support.



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