Polka Dot Nails!

Introduction: Polka Dot Nails!

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Hi this is my first instructable! :)
I thought I would do a nail tutorial as that is quite simple to do!
This design is reallly cute and funky and you can use any base colour you want and you can for the dots too,
but I found that a light coloured base and black works really well!

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Step 1: What You Need

A base clear colour nail polish
A main background colour, I have chosen light pink nail polish.
You can either use a black nail art pen
Black nail polish and a cocktail stick.

REMEMBER to let it dry before you go onto the next step!

Step 2: Add Your Base Coat

Paint on your clear colour to all of your nails!
This protects the other colours from staining your nails (which looks horrible and is horrible to get off)

Step 3:

Apply your first coat of the main nail polish.
2 coats is always better than one with light nail polish to gt the colour right and don't worry about doing too many coats!

Step 4:

With you r nail art pen, gently squeeze the end to let out just a drop on the end of the pointy, tube-like end and gently place on your nail in random places to create this cute effect!
If you are using black nail polish and a cocktail stick, unscrew the cap on the nail polish a dip the cocktail stick in and to get a dotted effect, hover the cocktail stick over so the nail polish on the end touches the nail and not the actual stick!

Step 5: Done!!!!!

Yay you are done! if you want you can seal the top by going over it when it is completely dry to protect the design and it lasts for longer that way! :)
Hope you liked it! :)

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