Polo Shirt to Vest- I Made It at TechShop!



Introduction: Polo Shirt to Vest- I Made It at TechShop!

I made it at TechShop! Today I used their seeing machines. The machines are readily available along with whatever materials are around (I.e. thread, scissors, pins, iron, spray starch), along with a big workable space. I began by laying the shirt out flat.

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Step 1: Cut Off the Sleeves

I cut the sleeves off just before the hem lines in order to keep its shape without having to resew any if it.

Step 2: Collar Removed

I did the same thing with the collar. I removed it just above the hemlines. I did not have to measure anything, just be careful to cut only the collar off.

Step 3: Cutting Down the Middle

I cut down the middle and then I realized where the buttons are on a polo makes it too difficult to make a nice hemline. I measured all the way down the shirt and cut where the button-up part met the collar. The 2nd picture makes sense.

Step 4: Pin

I measured roughly 1.5" all the way down both sides, pinned and ironed the hem. The stripes made it easy to line up.

Step 5: Sew It

I chose #32 for my stitch. It was the closest stitch to a serger and I figured it would last the longest. I lined up the edge of the hem with the edge of the sewing machine foot for an even stitch.

Step 6: Finished Vest!

I decided not to hem the bottom since it is meant for a pirate's play costume and the fabric was heavy enough it should not fray. I never thought I would make this at the TechShop. Check out their membership and available classes and machines! http://www.techshop.ws/ This is my first Instructable so please let me know if you have any questions.

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