Polyethylene's Sword

Introduction: Polyethylene's Sword

Often in swimming pool you can find aqua-gym toys: cylinder with length of 160 centimeters.

This kind of tool is often bended and used for long time in water until it looses elasticity and became irregular.

At Decathlon store you can find one of them at cost of 1 Eur.

This instructable will disclose you how to cut this particular material (polyethylene) to produce children toys.

In particular, since I'm not as good as toy designer, and since I have no particular instruments at home to cut this cylinder, the most effective toy I can produce is a Sword :)

Step 1: Cut and Mesh

I used a long knife (the one I use to cut bread) to cut the cylinder. It is important to do not use the knife with many thees because you can break irregularly the material and produce many particles.

Once I decided the sword length I catted 2/3 of its length to make the blade: both cuts was made horizontally on a plane with a slight descending movement (practice helps).

After I catted horizontally (not descending) on resting 1/3 of cylinder on four sides: this made the handle of the sword.

Finally I took one of the resting piece (catted away) to make the sword hilt.

I removed a squared piece in its center (slightly smaller than the handle) and pushed it inside the handle.

Et voilà!

Step 2: Other Ideas

The possibilities to the use or recycle this material are handless, the only limit was my ability to cut.

I tried in fact to make small airplanes (not flying unlikely) and even a kind of exoskeleton for my child, and a "Man In Black" like gun (a huge shotgun).

Please try to make other toys at home and tell me!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! These swords look fun and completely safe for kids.

    Well done on your first instructable too!