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Introduction: Polygon Pot Decoration

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Polygon decorations are very in right now. They are simple and give your home or office a beautiful touch we all look for. Today I'm going to show you how to make one very easily and without spending too much money.

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Step 1: Materials


30 craft sticks

Thin flexible wire

Drill and small drill bit

Gold spray paint

Small plant in a pot

Step 2: Drill

Use a small piece of wood under your sticks.

Drill a little hole in the upper and lower part of each stick. Make sure all the holes go in the same direction.

Step 3: Pentagon Forming

Work in a flat surface. Place 5 sticks all touching each other like a star. Cut a piece of two inches of the thin wire and pass it trough all the holes of the 5 sticks. Twist the two ends to keep it tight.

Put 5 sticks around your star to form a pentagon and use a piece of wire to hold them in place (passing it through the hole and twisting the two ends as you did before).

Repeat this steps to have two pentagons in total.

Step 4: Join

Now you're going to join both pentagons with 10 more sticks.

You have to put them in a zig zag shape as seen in the second picture in red. Do this with the thin wire too until you finish joining them and have just one piece with no loose sticks.

Step 5: Paint

Use your gold spray paint to paint your shape from all the sides. Let it dry.

Step 6: Place Pot

If your pot and plant are too big, cut one of the wires to let it open and place the pot inside. Then close it with a little piece of wire.

Cut all the little ends of wire.

Ready! Now you can put it wherever you want, in a table, a desk, a bathroom or a night table. Now you have a modern piece that was not too hard to achieve!

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