Polymer Clay Easy Blueberry Cake

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• 4 colors of blue clay lights to darkest

• Apple corer

• white clay

• oven

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Step 1: Take Your White Clay and Flatten It Out Then Cut It With the Corer.

Then make four of them.

Step 2: Take Your Blues Flatten Them and Cut It Withe the Corer

Step 3: Take Your Clay and Stack the Blues Lightest to Darkest, and Put White Sheets in Between

Step 4: Take Some White Clay and Flatten It Out and Put That on the Cake Like Frosting

Step 5: Cute Off the Extra Clay at the Bottom and Add Blueberries

Step 6: Now Slice Your Cake! and You Are Finished!

Step 7: Please Vote for Me in the Contests and Check Out My Other Instructables!

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    1 year ago

    Luv it! It's so fun to make and unlike other projects I've done, it actually turned out great!