Polymer Clay Hello Kitty Waffle



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This cute hello kitty waffle is a Kawaii item and made from handmade clay

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Step 1: Materials


Eyeshadow or pastels

Mod podge or glue


Fabric paint


Hello kitty template (I got mine of the internet)

Super glue (gel super glue works the best)

Foam tape or square shaped item

Step 2: Making Waffle

Roll out your clay and place template in the center of clay
Cut out the shape
Place the foam tape square I cut on the waffle and press
Make sure all the squares align together
If the squares are overlapping you can cut the squares only not the creases

Step 3: Shading

Grad your eyeshadow and dab the sponge into the yellow and whites
Apply color only to the inside of the squares and sides of waffle
Dab the sponge into the brown and apply color to creates of waffle
Apply a layer or 2 of mod podge or glue to conceal the color of the waffle

Step 4: Paint and Bow

Make a bow by making two leaf shapes and one circle
Paint them and super glue the bow to the right ear
Glaze bow with mod podge

Step 5: Cream Drizzle

Take your fabric ain't and drizzle on the waffle
You can do all over the waffle or in the center
Do not drizzle on the bow

Step 6: Enjoy!

Enjoy your clay waffle!

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    4 years ago

    Great, thanks for sharing!