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Introduction: Polymer Clay Lollipop

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So this is super cute and easy I hope u guys like it comment an follow !!

Step 1: What U Need

Clay ( white translucent and your choice Blade or exacto Toothpick

Step 2: Lolly

To make the lolly take your colored clay and roll into a ball then flatten if u are doing a multi colored one then cut each flattened ball in half

Step 3: Wrapper

Take trans clay and roll out and cut into two squares then take your Roth pick and indent the sides lay over your lolli base and stick together

Step 4: Stick and Face

For the stick take your toothpick and cut in half insert into lolli for the face you can paint it on after baking or make out of clay

Step 5: Finish

Bake at 250 degrees for 15-29 min glaze or use clear nail polish and you are done!!

Step 6: Hiya

Okie dokie the two Lollies u see is mine from tutorial and my friend kacey made the other if u want a tutorial on the other comment plz!! I also hav two pancakes if u want instructable comment



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    Criticize your post)

    Hey LOVED the lollipop tutorial but the picture didn't have very good light quality if you take pictures in sun light they'll look amazing I know this from experience (I'm not trying to cri

    i made a polymer clay robot. Let me know if you like it.


    i made a polymer clay robot. Let me know if you like it.


    I can make a hello kitty figure

    I was talkin bout a tiny hello kitty figure but cupcake works

    okey dokey

    I am doin a hello kitty

    @ilikecory wat hello kitty do u want

    I can defiantly do hello kitty

    can you do hello kitty