Polymer Clay "Olive Juice" Jewelry

Introduction: Polymer Clay "Olive Juice" Jewelry

Hi everyone! In this video you will see how to make your own "olive juice" jewelry/keychain charms/etc for your bestfriend, significant other, family, friends, etc. My bestfriend and I are always saying "Olive Juice" (sounds like "I love you" to those who dont get it lol) to each other. She LOVES necklaces and earrings so I decided to make this set for her as a surprise...and why not video it and show ya'll how to do the same? :) I didnt show exactly how I placed my findings (video is sped up) but if you're interested in exactly how I did it, feel free to let me know and I will do a tutorial on that. The metal blanks I used for the metal stamping are from ImpressArt and are a rather soft metal...if you are not that good at metal stamping (like me lol), then I suggest a harder metal so the die stamps wont scratch the metal (as you will see on the earrings). If you are familiar with resin crafting, you can also go back and dome the metal blanks to add protection and get rid of the scratches. :) Thanks for watching and craft happily ever after!!!

Cute - www.bensound.com royalty free music Ukulele - www.bensound.com royalty free music

http://www.impressart.com (Hobby Lobby has a cheaper line too)

All beads and findings found at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

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Step 1: Watch Full Video Tutorial

Thanks for watching!!!

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