Polymer Clay Red Angry Bird




Hello! I am going to show you how to make the red bird from the mobile game Angry Birds.

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Step 1: The Body

Roll a ball of red clay.

Step 2: Make the Belly

Roll out a small ball of white clay and then flatten it into a oval like shape. Then place on the red ball.

Step 3: The Head Feathers

Then take a small piece of red clay and roll it into a skinny tear drop shape. You will need to make two of them. Then place them on the top of the birds body.

Step 4: The Beak

Take a small piece of orange/yellow clay and shape it into a cone. Then cut it down the middle. You now have your beak! Place it so that part of it is on the white belly.

Step 5: Spots

Mix red and a little bit of black to make a dark red. Then make a few small balls and place them on the bird like the image above shows.

Step 6: The Eye Brows

Roll out a small piece of black clay. Then flatten it a bit and place it on top of the two larger spots.

Step 7: Eyes

Make two small balls of white clay and put them on the larger two spots. Then put two small balls of black for the middle.
Bake in oven at 275 Farenheit for 15 minuets.

Step 8: Done!

There you have it! I must admit this was not one of my best Angry Birds. These are a few of my others that I have made before. (They are from Angry Birds Star Wars.)

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    These are great Angry Bird models. I would totally make one of these. Except I know that my kids would try to throw them.

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