Polymer Clay Robot Head Stoneware Style




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How to make a tiny robot head in light stoneware style with my favorite art media polymer clay. I think robots are awesome.
  • Condition clay and shape into robotic head, round or square, as you like - via your hands
  • Poke holes in clay for eyes - via wood tool
  • Place beads into holes - via your hands
  • Poke hole in clay to create mouth - pen top
  • Apply SMALL AMOUNT of BLUE powdered mica - via dry brush and rub in with fingers
  • Apply EVEN SMALLER AMOUNT of RED powdered mica - via dry brush and rub in with fingers
  • Bake clay as package instructs, usually 275 degrees for 15 minutes per size - this little guy only needs a few minutes
  • Let COOL
  • Apply VARNISH to seal mica to clay
  • Optional: super glue magnet to back

Must Have Supplies:
  • Sculpey polymer clay
  • powdered mica - color and texture
    • red (exact color used: super russet via Ranger)
    • blue (exact color¬† used: blue patinavia Pearl Ex)
  • dry paint brush - too apply mica and create texture
  • pen top - mouth
  • beads - eyes
  • varnish - to seal mica to clay
Optional Supplies:
  • wire - for various robot antennas
  • magnet - to turn robot into awesome refrigerator magnet
  • gloves - to keep finger prints away

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