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Introduction: Polymer Clay Rosettes

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Using polymer clay and a few usual and unusual tools, you too can create beautiful sculptural rosettes.
What you need:
-Polymer Clay - any color works, though I like using white when I use alcohol inks for color
-Concentric circle cutters
-Light bulbs in various sizes
-Alcohol Inks for color - I like Ranger Inks (pigment powders, paint or markers work too)
-Awl (not pictured)
-Wire for connecting the rosette together (not pictured)

How to:
1. Roll out polymer clay to desired thickness (I find either 3 or 4 is the right mix of thick and thin)
2. Cut out at least three separate concentric circles. (You can always add more than three.)
Optional detail: Smoothing out the edges of the circle will give it a ruffley look. Sometimes, I add impression details to the rosette circles as well.

3. To shape the rosettes, take a corresponding circle cut-out and light bulb (large circle, large light bulb; small circle, small light bulb) . Dip the light bulb in a bit of water and place the polymer clay circle on the wetted bulb. With the palm of your cupped hand, rotate the circle back and forth to shape it around the light bulb. The water acts as a lubricant to assist the polymer clay in sliding.
4. Continue until all the circle are reshaped.
5. Using the awl, make a hole in the center of each cupped circle.
6. To create the rosette's center, make a ball, any size you would like. I usually add some kind of scoring detail.
7. Bake everything as directed by the manufacturer.
8. When the rosettes have cooled, you can begin adding color. Drop a small amount of alcohol inks onto a square of felt and proceed in coloring the white rosettes to your desired color
9. To assemble, wrap a piece of wire around the rosette center a few times, making sure to wind to two ends together on the base of the ball. Stack your concentric rosettes and feed the wired center through the holes.
10. This stack can be attached to a pin for a stunning accessory piece or attached to a canvas or board for sculpture wall art. The possibilities are endless!

Have fun!

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    3 years ago

    Congratulations on making the front page to feature clay projects. I was instantly in love with the colors, and now that I've visited your Instructable for Polymer Clay Rosettes, I realize why. Alcohol inks. Between your Instructable and the inks, I'm in crafty trouble. Instant obsession. Wow. Thank you!

    Hi, you get a very good step by step tutorial.
    Allow you to showcase your work?

    Lovely tutorial! Similar style to Ronna Sarvas Weltman's beads but I love how you've used the alcohol inks!

    I look forward to sending members of our polymer guild over here to see it! Thanks for sharing it

    Pikes Peak Polymer Clay Guild


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have some polymer clay left over from a project and now I know what to do with it! The big group shot of the differently colored rosettes is fantastic and reminds me of my time in Botswana in the markets where everything is very brightly colored.