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These clay pendants make great DIY gifts and are fun to make with kids (I'd recommend 7 years plus as a general age guideline). My daughters love to craft with both polymer clay and hama beads so it made sense to combine the two to create some unique jewellery designs.

Materials used:

• Polymer clay (we used fimo)
• Hama beads (also called perler beads)
• Skewer to poke a hole
• Optional flexible plastic cutting mat (I find that the clay softens easier when you roll it on one of these)
• Cord

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Step 1: Create the Base

Roll small pieces of clay between your hands or over a plastic cutting mat to soften it up. I always start with the lighter colours first because the dye can get stuck to your hands and come off on the next piece you use. Once you have a nice, soft piece of clay flatten it using your hands into a disc shape, this will become the base of your pendant.
You can see that we have created both circular and oval shapes. Poke a hole in the top of your flattened piece of clay using a skewer, and make the hole slightly wider than necessary because it can shrink a little in the baking process.

Step 2: Design Your Pendant

Use hama beads to create mandala-style designs or flatten tiny balls of clay to create petals for floral designs.

Step 3: To Create a Rose...

place a hama bead in the centre of your pendant and flatten small balls of clay into petals and carefully arrange around the centre, folding the outer petals backward a little so that it resembles a rose.

Step 4: Bake Your Pendants

As a general rule bake on a LOW heat for 20 minutes in your oven (or follow the package directions on your polymer clay). Line your baking tray with foil to prevent the plastic getting onto the trays you use for food.

Step 5: Thread Your Pendants

Thread a piece of cord through the hole and you have a funky pendant, perfect as a gift for friends.

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    4 Discussions

    Fuzzy Monkey

    2 years ago

    Love them! I've never thought of using those plastic beads with polymer clay!


    2 years ago

    hello. where can i buy polymer clay and its tools? i want to learn and make some for me