Polymer Sculpture Made With Sculpey




Introduction: Polymer Sculpture Made With Sculpey

About: I love to create. I started as a professional photographer and my interests have led to sculpture.

Sculpture made with sculpey on a aluminum wire and tin foil armature. Recycled remote control jeep for the hulk to land on



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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sculpey its a brand of polymer clay, depending on your country you may find your own brand or equivalent :)

    nice.. so am i mistaken but is the instructables website where people post instructionals in how to make stuff or is it just a gallery website where people show what they made

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    Sorry, this is an entry for the I made it photo contest, all you need to do is take a picture of something you made. They didn't require a step by step.sorry. I'll post a step by step polymer sculpture instructable if you like

    my bad.. i been seeing a lot of this one picture instructables.. and it was a bit frustrating.. maybe this contest is to blame... sorry and good luck

    wait, how do you just do one picture? mine won't do that. It keeps going, "NOOOOO, YOU CANT PUBLISH THIS! ADD MORE PICTURES!" and it gets annoying.