Polystyrene Pizza Tray Frisbee

I was asked if I could make a frisbee so it gave me a chance to use some more of my favourite pizza trays.

I marked out 4 disks and then marked 3 of them into hoops.
Cut them all out.
Stuck them together with contact adhesive *
  * I checked first to see if it dissolved the polystyrene
    as that could be a disaster but although it etched the
    surface a bit, it seemed OK so I used it.
I trimmed the edges with a sharp blade to round them.**
** Sandpaper would probably be OK if you have some.
Finally I put some sticky backed plastic on the top to
make it more visually appealing. This is optional.

Main Components
4 x Polystyrene Pizza tray
Contact adhesive - check if it dissolves the polystyrene.
    If it does, use something else
optional - colourful sticky backed plastic

Main Tools
Utility knife
optional - sandpaper



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