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Introduction: Pom-Pom Branch

Hi! In this instructable, i will show you the simple steps to make this colorful, happy, and beautiful pom-pom branch.
I love this project because it looks so pretty and colorful, and is also super easy!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project, you will need:

yarn (various colors)


yarn needle

tape measure

embroidery floss

a stick

pom-pom maker (optional)

Step 2: Make Your Pom-Poms!

To make your pom-poms, you can use a pom pom maker, your hand, or cardboard. For most of my pom poms, I used a bamboo pom-pom maker.

Bamboo Pom-Pom Maker Method:

1.) Tie your yarn around one of the poles.

2.) Loosely wrap your yarn around the poles. The more you wrap around the poles, the fuller your Pom-Poms will be. the less you wrap your yarn around, the floppier they will be. For my pom poms, i wrapped the yarn about 140 times. If you want mini pom-poms, you can wrap the yarn less times, just remember to trim them more in the end.

3.) Cut pieces of yarn about 10 inches long. Tie them 1 inch away from the poles, and 2 inches away from each other in the middle. Make sure you double-knot them.

4.) Cut the yarn in between the knots you made, then take the floppy yarn things off the poles. Cut the yarn loops on the end of the pom-poms.

5.) Trim the floppy yarn things to turn them into Pom-Poms! The more you trim them, the fuller and smaller they will be, and the less you trim them, the floppier they will be.

Hand Method:

1.) Hold the yarn in between two fingers, then wrap the yarn around your fingers about 140 times.

2.) After you have wrapped the yarn around your fingers, cut a piece of yarn 10 inches long. thread it between your middle fingers. Double-knot it around the yarn on your hand.

3.) Take the yarn off your hand and cut through the loops on the sides. It might look like a mess, but don't worry; in the next step we're going to turn it into a pom-pom!

4.) With your scissors, trim the loose yarn ends until your pom-pom is round and neat, just remember that the more you trim them, the fuller they will be, and the less you trim them, the floppier they will be.

Cardboard Method:

1.) Cut a rectangle out of cardboard; mine was about 6" long x 3" wide. You can make it smaller for small pom- poms, or bigger for larger pom-poms. Cut two slits down the ends (lengthwise) mine were about 2.5 inches. Just remember that you want to leave enough space between the slits that the cardboard stays together, but if you leave too much space between them, then you won't be able to tie the pom-pom.

2.) Wrap the yarn around the cardboard about 140 times.

3.) Cut a piece of yarn 10" long. Tie it around the pom-pom by putting the yarn through the slits on the ends; after you have tied the yarn around it, take the pom-pom off the cardboard. You will have to rip through the middle of the cardboard.

4.) Make sure the knot is tight, then start trimming the pom-pom. The more you trim it, the fuller it will be, and the less you trim it, the floppier it will be. I made three sizes of pom-poms: small (~1.5 in), medium (~2 in), and large (~3 in).

I had a lot of yarn scraps leftover, and i didn't want to waste them, so i saved them to use for stuffing pillows, stuffed animals, etc.

Step 3: Attaching the Strings

Now that you've made your pom-poms, it's time to make the pom-pom branch! My branch was 22 inches long, and i made 5 strings of pom poms. I cut each string 35 inches long, and the finished project had 24 in. strings. So when you cut your strings, remember to cut them a couple inches longer than you want them to be!

Tie the first string 3 in. from the end of your branch. Be sure to double-knot them! I tied the other strings 4 in. apart from each other.

You can make your strings longer or shorter depending on how long/short you want it to be.

Step 4: Threading the Pom-Poms

To make threading the Pom-Poms easier, quicker, and more efficient, i organized them into 3 piles: small, medium, and large.

Thread the first string through your yarn needle, and then push it through a pom-pom. after you've pulled the thread through the pom-pom , tie a knot in the string under the pom-pom (wherever you tie it is where the pom pom will sit on the string). I had to tie the knot over itself several times to create a knot big enough that the pom-pom wouldn't fall off. Repeat with the other pom-poms until you get to the bottom of the string. Repeat with other strings.

I used 34 pom-poms for this project.

Step 5: Adding a String to Hang It

The last thing to do is to add a string for hanging it. I cut a string 56 in. long; you might need one longer or shorter, depending on how long your stick is. Tie it to the end of the string and wrap it around several times. repeat with the other side(using the same string).

Step 6: Hang It Up!

Now you're finished! The only thing left to do is to find a good place to hang it up so you can enjoy it!

If you liked my instructable, i would really appreciate it if you voted for it! Thanks!

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