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What if I said that by the time you make 3 Pom Poms I could make a dozen or more??? You don't believe me?

Well trust me when I say even if you have never made pom poms in your life, by the end of this tutorial you will have the confidence to make dozens of pom poms and do it like a pro too!

NO you do not have to go out and spend money in buying a pom pom maker. The tools are already with you!

Two instructables pushed me to do a 'remix and put your own spin in it ' as the contest says ;-)

Make your own Pom Poms!by Erica_DIY - Yes, this really pushed me to make this instructable as I wanted to help people make pom poms quicker and with less expense.

The other is

Flower Pom-poms + DIY Pom-pom maker by mrprintables. This is a lovely instructable, but unfortunately the step by step is not given in instructables. So I thought to help the community by uploading the step by step.

Step 1: Basic Materials

YARN- very important! else you can just imagine it :-)

The tools?

Take a scrap piece of hardwood as long as you want. Drill both ends. Screw nails in at an angle towards the edges. This is so that the nail won't be pulled inwards with the yarn is being pulled.

For this instructable I'm using a scrap wood that I had. I could make a dozen in it if I wanted in it, but as I wanted bigger pom poms I made only 8 in one go.

Okay, now someone must be thinking, I don't have any scrap hardwood, so how can this already be in my house? Well, you have window grills, door knobs and railings in your house. Wrap the yarn on any two ends and follow the next steps.

Step 2: Wrap and Tie!

Tie about 3 or 4 strands of yarn at one end. Place scraps of yarn across the wood. This is optional, it just makes life easier when you have to tie the knot. Skip this if you are using two ends of your house. Now wrap the yarn around both ends till you get the thickness you want. Secure the ends by wrapping around the wood. Tie the scrap yarn at equal intervals. Now cut in the center between each yarn tie. Fluff up your pom poms and cut off the excess strands with a scissor!

Now isn't that like super easy and super quick?? If you ever want to make a pom pom rug this is the way to go. Else imagine wrapping one at a time to fill a whole rug! trust me, it will never get done!


So now you have made all those pom poms, what are you going to do with it?? how about a rug?? The internet is full of ideas of pom pom rugs. The internet sews or knots the pom pom to the rug. I have no patience for that, sorry. So I'm showing you my quick no sew method! yes, of course it's glue :-) lol.

Cut canvas to the size you require. Dab a bit of hot glue/ fabric glue. Press pom pom on it! Done! TADA

Step 4: DIY Pom Pom Maker

Yes, you can make your own pom pom maker. It's very cheap. and would not cost you at all.

I would only use this method if I am making the flower pom poms, cause for me after doing the quick method, this is tedious. However in the quick method you can never do flower pom poms!

Lets make our pom pom makers!

Draw a line across a cardbord. Using a compass . draw 6 small circles. Now draw 2 slightly larger circles above the smaller circles. Draw larger circles for the remaining 4. Extend the tab as shown in the picture from the line.. Cut out the templates. Glue the smaller piece of half circle on 2 of the horse shoe shape. This is so that the scissor can easily cut through the gap.Pair this up with the remaining house shoe shape. You are done.

Step 5: Making a Flower Pom Pom

To make the Japanese Flower pom poms draw up a circle and then within it draw a center line. Draw up the pattern you like. Imagine that what you have drawn is the the top view of the pom pom. The line will help you decide where to start. Using one half of the maker, start wrapping the yarn accordingly. Wrap the colors in layers. Then finally the background color. You may do the same for the other half , or just wrap in white like did.

Fold tabs outwards and pin with binder clips. Slip the scissor through the gap and cut away. Take a long yarn and insert through the slit and tie tightly. Pull cardboard maker out.it. Fluff out and trim excess yarn strands .


The first one I made took me ages and I found it really tedious. But the second was much quicker. This is an interesting pom pom and there are many ideas you can try with it.

Please post pictures if you make different versions of it. Thanks!

Also I would love to have your votes for all the contests I'm going to enter. Hope you enjoyed this instructable and found it useful. Happy Pom Pom making!



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    4 years ago

    Ooo… I love this!! Perfectly explained and very pretty results. I will be trying this out. Thanks for sharing!

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! loved sharing :-) please post pictures once you try it out, would love to see it.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, We had a power outage here when I first tried to respond. You may have gotten a partial reply. I don't know how to post photos but here is how my husband made the pom pom makers for the girls. He used a router to put a nice edge around a piece of 1" X 6" about 18" long. Then he drilled 6 holes on a slant big enough for golf tees to fit in - three on either side. He thought they might like it adjustable. He sanded them super smooth and painted them three different pastel color and I tole painted their names and flowers on them. They love them and if I can ever get someone to walk me through posting photos on line I ill share the makers he made and some of the things they have done with them. The oldest sewed a pom pom collar and cuffs on a thrift shop sweater that she is happy with - several of her friends ant one too ! The middle one refurbished her mom's slippers with pom poms and the youngest hot glues them on her scrap book in a floer and stripe pattern. They also wrapped a pringles can I mean slices from a pringles can with yarn and glued pom poms to them for bracelets. These are the "best" things they have done with them.~ Felicity


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Your grand daughters sound really crafty! Below is an instructable with the latest changes on this site included. hope it helps you put up some instructables



    4 years ago on Step 2

    How cool. My husband made personalized pompom boards for our granddaughters and they love making them! They made a whole tote full in no time. Now I need an instructable on how to use hundreds of pompoms. : )

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! that would be lovely! Please may we see a picture of it??

    You could make a pom pom rug! :-)


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Yes, sometimes things are so simple that we wonder why in the world we didn't do it ! lol.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love the horseshoe pom pom maker! What an elegant solution, instead of making a couple of single use cardboard circle for each pom pom.

    Also cool way for doing the flowers :)

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I agree! The credit of course goes to the original author :-) but still I would love to have your votes!

    is another option too if you want to get uniform sizes. Take a scrap
    piece of wood. make a slot in the center so that you can tie the pom pom
    and then wrap away. Of course it's not quicker as the nail method...for this is to make individual pom poms, but it is easier.
    Perhaps I shall add that as another step :-) ...okay...now my mind is
    working on overdrive coming up with a tool to make even the flower pom
    pom easy...but then the flower pom pom will be on both sides. Hmmm

    Perhaps I should stop before I put too many things in one instructable and make you dizzy!! lol

    miss softpaw

    4 years ago

    you are a genius. pompoms are so tedious to make using the only method I know, cut out two cardboard circles, make sure your ball of wool fits through the centre etc etc etc. my nephew will love this too

    1 reply