PomPom Catastrophia


Introduction: PomPom Catastrophia

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Catastrophia the draconaquus is not that cute when drawn out in his regular form, but if we use some pompoms he can be as cuddly as a kitten!

Step 1: Supplies

I do not have an exact measure of the amount of the different things you need, so here are the supplies.
- Big yellow pompoms
- Small yellow pompoms
- Small green pompoms
- Yellow pipecleaner
- Purple pipecleaner
- White pipecleaner
- Google eyes
- Glue

Step 2: Head

Glue one small yellow pompom to the front of the big yellow one to make the muzzle. Then take two more small yellow pompoms for the ears and glue them to the top of the big pompom. Make sure there is some space between the ears for the horns. Now, to make the horns, take your white pipecleaner and cut it into two really small sections. Curve them a bit at the top and glue them between the ears. To finish the head, glue a small piece of a purple pipecleaner for the nose, and then glue two google eyes on the front of the face for the, well eyes.

Step 3: Body

This is the easiest part. Glue a bunch of large yellow pompoms together until the body is nice a plump.

Step 4: Wings

To make the wings take a yellow pipecleaner and fold to create an obtuse angle. Cut another yellow pipecleaner in half, then connect it to the crease on the other pipecleaner. Repeat this once more to create the other wing. Glue them to the body.

Step 5: Snake Tail and Lion Foot

To create the snake tail, glue two large yellow pompoms together. Then, glue three small green pompoms together and connect them to the yellow pompoms. Finally attach that to the rear-end of your Catastrophia.

Step 6: Done!

Enjoy your Catastrophia! Leave suggestions for me in the comments!



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    On Instagram and now it's Rainbowdash_n_scootaloo

    Oh, you can just use regular pompoms for this if you have them

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    Is that on Instagram or Instructables?

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