Pomegranate Greens & Orange Vinaigrette

Introduction: Pomegranate Greens & Orange Vinaigrette

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The pomegranate was introduced into Latin America and California by Spanish settlers in 1769. Today in the U.S. the pomegranate is cultivated in parts of California and Arizona. In the Northern Hemisphere, the fruit is typically in season from September to February and in the Southern Hemisphere, the pomegranate is in season from March to May. So there’s a good chance of finding this fruit any time at the market.

What are the benefits of eating this tasty sweet fruit? According to the web-site Suit101 it states, “Pomegranates contain many vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body to function properly and stay healthy in the long run. One medium-sized fruit contains:

100 calories
1g of dietary fiber, equal to 4 percent of the recommended daily value
4 percent recommended dosage of vitamin A
15 percent daily value of vitamin C
2 percent daily value of iron
These vitamins are important to daily bodily functions, but the most important health benefits of pomegranates are antioxidants. Pomegranates contain three times as many antioxidants as red wine and green tea. In fact, they contain the most antioxidants of any natural food” ( suite101.com ).

Also  pomegranates contain antioxidants, an element that combats the enzyme that eats away at cartilage. These antioxidants also help clear arteries of plaque and that prevents heart disease. It also can lower blood pressure and the risk of stroke.

Did you know the fruit can contain over 600 seeds. How can you easily extract the seeds with out a mess or getting stained by the juice?

Visit Savor the Food for the answer. While your there, leave your information on our contact form with "free e-book" in the subject and get a free 16 page e-book, "Breakfast to Your Health." 

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