Pomegranate Juice

In this intractable you will learn how to make Pomegranate Juice.
Pomegranates are a rich source of antioxidants, they are also prevent heart disease, blood clogging and even cure CHD!
These wonder fruits are very healthy and are very very tasty.

STEP 1. Get some Pommegrantes
STEP 2. Get the seeds out, this is possible by cutting the fruit in half and then hitting the shell with a wooden spoon, I then put the seeds in a bowl of water to get the seeds softer and easier to blend
STEP 3.Will it blend? You will know blend all of the seeds. I did this in several loads of seeds because of the size of my Hand Blender.
STEP 4. You will now have a pulpy mixture, to make it into a juice just get 2 sieve and place the pulp in-between and press. Then some juice should have ran out. Simply keep doing this until you are done. If you want to you can eat the pulp which is also very healthy, I like eating it onto of vanilla ice-cream or yogurt.
STEP 5. You are done! I used 2 Pomegranates for this and it gave me about 450ml or 1 and a half glasses. 

For more information on Pomegranate Power visit this website




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