Pond Heater & De-Icer - Overwintering Fish Pond



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How to make your own homemade Pond De-Icer or Pond heater for cheap?

Overwintering your fish pond?

An easy way is to turn your Pond pump into a Pond De-icer.

Using this system since 2007 and all my fish keep safe.

Tested for temperature near to -43 degrees.


1. Material list

2. Making your pond de-icer

3. Installing placing pond de-icer

4. Monitoring in winter season

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Step 1: Material Needed

- pond basket for aquatic plant

- wire

- large plant pot

- pond pump

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Step 2: Assembling Pond De-icer

Put your pond pump in your pond basket.

Attach pump to the garden pot frame with wire.

Stabilize with round stones

Unroll and plug the power cable

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Step 3: Placing De-icer in the Bottom of Your Pond

Don't forget your waders (clothing)

Put the de-icer system in the bottom od your pond.

Get out and plug the power cable.

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Step 4: Monitoring During Winter

Create a vented space in the ice that allows the fish (koi) to get oxygen in the winter.

Be carefully that your de-icer don't transform into a fountain!

The outlet of your pump must to stay under the water. Water play the role of resistance!

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For a french version. Pour des instructions en français, voir mon déglaceur.



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