Pondant Au Chocolat - With Microwave




You can make it with very simple ingredients

and easily with microwave.!

Give it a try if you like a dessert with coffee or tea :)

Step 1: What You Need Are...

Chocolate (milk or dark), 90 g

Butter, 30 g

Egg (regular size), 1

Sugar, 1 tbsp

Cocoa powder, 1 tbsp

Step 2: Prepare the Chocolate and the Butter.

Prepare the materials and weigh them.

I used stainless bowl to melt it on hot water bath.

Step 3: Let It Melt.

Above the boiled water (not boiling water), put the stainless bowl.

Or use other method to properly melt them.

If some water goes in, it will not melt properly! Be careful.

Step 4: Mix Other Ingredients.

Egg + Sugar + Cocoa powder.

Mix them with whisk.

Step 5: Mix Chocolate Based Part and Egg Based Part

Mix them evenly~

Step 6: Pour the Dough in a Appropriate Container

Don't fully fill the container.

Fill 60~70% of it.

It inflates while cooking.

Put this in the microwave and cook it for

20 secs + 20 secs + 20 secs Separately.

Step 7: Finish~

Great dessert with coffee.

The name I know is pondant au chocolat

but I would rather call it hot moist chocolate pudding :)

Especially in this cold weather this dessert gives a great relief.

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4 Discussions


3 years ago

I tried it out with some changes... I'll tell you how it went when it's cooled down a bit.


3 years ago

Welp... you made that typo at least two times so im guessing you learnt it that way, it's no surprise doe, french is always butchered as it aint easy


3 years ago

Hi, as a french i believe the name you'r looking ils "Fondant au chocolat".

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