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Introduction: Pong RoBot

About: Industrial Designer / Maker / Solidworks Designer.

This RoBot was 3d printed using the following 3d printers: Stratasys Dimension Elite, Wanhao Duplicator 4 and a Mendel Prussa (homemade). The 3d printed parts were designed by rspehrdesign for the SPC Clearwater Florida Summer Camp 2015. The same design is also being used at the Hillsborough Community College Tampa Florida in their Engineering Department. The Bot moves a ping pong ball from one post to another. The electronics are controlled by an Arduino Uno. The arduino program will be available by contacting Greg Lewis of the SPC Emerging Technologies Center Clearwater Campus. The program was written by Nathan Myhre and is used at SPC Clearwater and also HCC Tampa. The program will teach Middle school through High School students the use of Solidworks to design and create the STL files used to print the parts. Parts will be printed and then assembled. The code will be loaded into the Arduino and students will be instructed to operate and change the code. Students will be instructed on the conception, prototyping, assembly and code construction to make a working Bot. During the program the students will work with a Trotec laser machine, a 3d printer (Stratasys Dimension), Fanuc Robot, Rolland and Davinci CNC machines.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks really cool!

    I'd love to see a little more info on how it was put together, or even some photos or video of it in action. Really neat project!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    This Monday will be the start of a collection of photo's and possible video. The code writer authorized me to make the code available to anyone interested in building and running the Pong RoBot. I also plan on making the STL files available.