Pool Hiding Spot

Intro: Pool Hiding Spot

I recently opened my pool and found a winterizer float in the pool. I was thinking about what I can do with it and decided it can be a hidden safe! You can use this to hide things or leave money for your landscapers or pool cleaners. You will need: 1 watertight case and 1 floating chemical holder.

Step 1: Put the Money (Or Whatever) in the Case

Make sure your case fits in the float. Put whatever you have in the case and make sure it is sealed tight.

Step 2: Put the Case in the Float

Open your float and place the case inside. Try to make the case sit above the water so minimize the risk of the case leaking.

Step 3: Float Off Your Safe!

Put your safe in the pool and let it float away! No one will know (unless they see this)! Please vote for me in the hiding spots contest!



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