#Poop HAT

This Hat was one of 3 commissioned by @1cePrime on https://twitch.tv/1ceprime for a charity stream. Two hats were auctioned off (one poop hat and another was a minion inspired hat). Yes, the first Picture is of 1cePrime himself <3 his streaming community and the support they show me!

Step 1: Hat Base-1

The hat Base is started with a basic beanie pattern. I used an I hook and red heart super saver yarn.

magic circle, sc6 into circle,
sc2 into each stitch (12)
sc1 sc2 into one (18)

sc2 sc2 into one (24)

sc3 sc2 into one (30)

sc4 sc2 into one (36)

sc5 sc2 into one (42)

sc6 sc2 into one (48)

sc7 sc 2 into one (54)

sc8 sc2 into one (60)

sc9 sc2 into one (66)

Step 2: HAT BASE-2

Upon reaching 66 to 72 stitches around by increasing, use stitch markers to keep track of starting point and crochet around with HDC until the hat is slightly triple the length you would need for a normal hat. This length will allow you to overlap to make the ridges.

Step 3: HAT BASE-3

Once you have the hat made to length, fold over sections of the hat to make folds. I suggest starting at the top.
Next, take a thread and needle of matching color and stitch the flaps down. and remove pins. make sure all ends are woven in as well.

Step 4: FACE

Now you need to make your face pieces so they can dry while making the topper of the hat.

you can either buy pink felt or you can use all white felt and use some tulip paint to color as i did. (this will make it a little harder to push a needle through, so be careful)

cut out a circle of pink or white felt and t cut out 2 ovals of white felt.

if you use the pink tulip paint, apply a thin coat & remove any extra with a paper towel. set aside to dry.

eyes: carefully draw an oval of black on the white, leaving an edge of white. and design the eyes as you see fit. Keep the black coat thin as well. set aside to dry. Continue on to make the top of the hat.

Step 5: HAT TOP

use an I hook for this as well

Magic circle sc 6
2sc into each stitch (12)

sc1 sc2 into one (18)

*optional sc2 sc2 into one (24)

Now continue to SC around making a tube. stuff firmly with polyfill fiber as you go.

once you get about 2 feet of length see if you can curl it into a cone shape that will match to the top of the Hat Base. Make longer if needed.

Once tube is long enough to be wrapped into a cone, stitch end shut (this will be the bottom seam)

now, as you re-form the cone shape, pin into shape (safety pins are best for this) Make sure all yarn ends are woven in.

Next, sew together with matching thread.


Pin eyes & nose into place for sewing. Sew them on with matching thread using a quilters stitch.

Then, pin top of hat into place & sew on with matching thread & double check hat to make sure you have removed all pins & everything is attached securely, and all ends are woven in.

Step 7: WEAR

Wear the Hat with Pride or gift it to a friend who could use a #PoopHat or a good laugh!



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    2 years ago

    got my vote. whole new meaning to $#!t head


    2 years ago

    I tease my kids and call this emoticon "the chocolate chip"! :) my 11 year old would love this hat!


    2 years ago

    THanks for all the kind words everyone :) I love to make Character hats, but the challenge of making something there isn't a pattern for is fun for me! Plus once it's finished, i feel super accomplished!


    Reply 2 years ago

    at the top of the page, to the right there is a little flag that says VOTE! on it. click on that & it should either register your vote or take you to the link so you can vote there :)


    2 years ago

    I love this design and absolutly love the way it looks...The next one will be mine 1ceprime!


    2 years ago

    Great Job!


    2 years ago

    She made this for me over the course of just a few days for a Twitch "poop sock" challenge! I competed with another streamer to complete the DOOM campaign first, and won! Whoever won, won this amazing hat.

    I wear it when I poop.


    fs woodworking

    2 years ago

    Laughed a lot with it. Excellent. You have my vote.


    2 years ago

    Hahaha excellent! I love projects like this!