Pooper Scooper

Have you ever gotton tired of seeing your hampster feices lying on the floor after you left your hampster in their ball. Well the Pooper Scooper is great for that it will clean up after your hampster so you can sit back and relax with out the worries of fecies lying around the only thing is that you will have to change the bags after each time so it wont stink.

Step 1:

1 wheels
2 peices of card board (one large and one half the size of the large one)
1 plastic sandwich bag
1 metal rods
1 marker top
1 shoestring cut in half 
1 pair of scissors

Step 2:


1Put hamster into the hamsters ball

2 Take the hampster cleaner upper out of the box

3 put a new bag into it so that you can dump it out in the end

4 Attach pegs from the hampster cleaner upper to the hampsters ball

5 and let the hamster roll on the ground in its ball with the hamster cleaner upper attached

6 And leave the rest to the ball

7.when you decide to put her back into her cage take the hamster out

8 take the bag out and put another one in so that you will be ready for next time.

Step 3:

1.)I would put she sting on a piece of small rectangular cardboard
2.)and I would do it on both sides
3.) then i would get a larger rectangular piece of cardboard
4.)after that i would put the smaller piece in the middle of the larger cardboard and tape it their
5.) after that i would put the wheel on the middle of a metal rod
6.)one side of the bottom of the cardboard
7.)then i would cover it with cardboard into the shape of a triangular prism
8.) also get a plastic sandwich bag and cut off the top part that holds the bag together
9.)Finally tape it to the bottom piece of cardboard and the middle one
10.) if you want you can decorate it

Step 4:



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    4 years ago

    Thank you very much! My hamster is a pooper and this will surely help!