Pooplord Pistol




Introduction: Pooplord Pistol

About: love the idea of making guns out of a toy (knex) , and for my b-day will get more knex so i ca build things better than smg's.

simple pistol, but great power (for its size), and great range (for its size). also its very small

Step 1: Making the Parts

Step 2: Putting It Together

Step 3: Add Rubber Bands

very important of the size, and placment.

Step 4: Loading/firing



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    16 Discussions

    It sorta reminded me of the derringer aka model 95 but that was a 2 shot pistol

    Alright, just made two, going to try to use them in a small k'nex fort thing soon

    thats the smallest pistol i have ever made it powerful fo its size

    It is probably the best mini pistols i made... and it is better than one of my rifles (its base on an MR-C :-) ) any way good job

    thats okay.............just nice you commented and veiw

    Pretty nice for a miniature pistol. No one really wants these any more though.

    its mainly made to be small............................nnnoooottthhhiiinnnggg eeellllssseee

    Poop pistol is poop. Im just kidding, but seriously, there is better stuff to do than mini pistols.