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About: love the idea of making guns out of a toy (knex) , and for my b-day will get more knex so i ca build things better than smg's.

First i decided to try to make killerks SR-V1, but found out i did not have enough parts. So i made my own version that was smaller. I still didn't like this because i was kind of fat for its size. so i made another version and this is it.

Step 1: Bottom Part (includes Trigger)

Step 2: Main Body (barrel, Body, and Stock)

Step 3: Finishing Up/loading



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    first of all i did not have knex in 2007 so i could not have made it. 2nd it uses probably around 150-160 yellow connecters. and 3rdly i had a some problems making the SR-V2. By the way your OSSR is just a version of the SR-V1 but used odd ammo, and constructed it differently.

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    DJ Radiopooplord

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Mine doesnt use the SRv1 trigger, it uses a new trigger. Note the lack of ball joints on my gun.