Poor Man Lab Bench/Tic Tac Bench Power Supply (3v,5v,12v)

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At the start I want to inform you that its will not work like the lab bench power supply because it is cheep it have many defects such as very low efficiency

we are using a voltage divider circuit. We just attach bunch of resistors in serial circuit and use them to trim the voltage.


  • 1.4x resistors (3x 220 ohm, 1x 540 ohm)
  • 2.Capacitor
  • 3.terminal for connection
  • 4.12v power supply.
  • 5.tictac box

I just want 3 voltages

  • 12v
  • 5v
  • 3v

I have used 4 resistors.

Step 1: Prototyping/circuit.

Prototyping is the most important part of any project.it involve testing debugging. I have prototype this project on bread board and check the voltages coming out. It is handy to have a multi meter near you.you can see the images of this step.

I have used a voltage divider circuit in this we use an arrangement of resistors use to decrease the voltage.

watch the given video of a great youtuber explaining this circuit.

the systematic is very simple you can see it by images.

Step 2: Ending

Just bring this project to an end. Fit every resistor in your tictac box use some dap of hot glue gun. connect the external power source and connecting the connectors Make sure that no wire short circuit in the box. this is for the person who want to have a lab bench but can't afford it.



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