Poor Man’s Two Functions Steady Cam + Fastest Making




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This idea came to me, when I was looking-for a steady cam.

When I saw the Johnny Chung Lee poor mans steady cam, I realize that the mechanics of the artifact was a simple thing. It is only a heavy weight at the end of the tube, to give valance, and counterweight to the movements of the muscles at walking-running motion.

So I already had my cheap tripod, and I wasnt wanted to buy those tubes for making the steady cam.
So this idea came to me.

The idea was to transform de tripod into a steady cam, cheaper, easier and reversible, and it results!
Plus+ I realize that the weight gives more control to the tripod for fastest motion movements, and heavy cameras.

And it only cost me $3 dollar because I already had the tripod.

Step 1: Materials

1.-What do you need?

A. One cheap tripod (I bought mine for $28 dollars at best-buy store).
B. One weight of 2.5-pound with gap of 1 inch diameter (I bought mine for $3 dollar at Wall-Mart).
C. One hard wire (I used the one that comes with coat hangers).
D. A drill and a drill bit to make a hole this need to be about the diameter of the wire.

Step 2: Making

2.-How can you make it?

A. Drill a hole at the base of the tripod
B. Make a fixing chain with the wire.
C. Insert the weight and secure it with the wire.
D. You are done.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    If you're serious enough to have a tripod, are you also serious enough to have a heavy bag of photo gear?  Figure out some way to hang it from the tripod, and it will serve a similar purpose as the 2.5 pount weight.  Plus, that lets you keep your gear bag off your shoulder *and* off the ground!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i just use a sack of sand ... there like $2 here for 5 lbs XD


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I tried this out today, it really did make a difference. I also found if you hold the tripod with one hand about half way between the the camera and the weight (just above the top of the tripod legs on the extendible central shaft) that helps reduce the pendulum effect of the weight